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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-11

  • @cboyack Whew! They’ll find a way to blame you anyway: “How come there wasn’t more data validation/error handling/magic pixie dust?” #
  • @simonster I once drove 5 hours to a launch event only to find the corporate laptop I’d checked out had all of 15 minutes of battery power. #
  • @simonster I’ve got a solar powered battery, but it’s only 1500mAh (good for one full charge to the Zune or Tilt no more) until it charges #
  • Well Twitteroonies, it’s finally time for me to go home… #
  • Rode my bike to work today… started hailing HAILING on the way in… Murphy’s Law? #
  • @ageekgal Really a cool idea, MPG tracking as simple as sending a tweet to @fuelfrog… tricky part is the order M-P-G: miles price gallons #
  • @mikedopp asked about social networks today
    facebook = myspace – emo – whore + some_college
    linkedin = facebook + (graduation or experience) #
  • @triplyksis We want to hear about your restless night… #
  • @LindseyFay Kicked out of Broostone… FUNNY! #
  • @Saoirsa I won’t buy more Metallica after the way they treated their MP3-savvy listeners… FOR SHAME! Why couldn’t they be more like NIN!? #
  • @Saoirsa And how much more “relevant” their music would be to what their customer’s want… in a perfect world…. #
  • @missingchildren Nothing like posting a properly formatted xml/doctype header to help find missing children. How’s that working out for ya? #
  • Off to a web status meeting… wanna check our progress? constructive criticism welcome! #
  • @MMarquit Raising taxes rarely helps the economy. That’s what Barack’s plans are… #
  • @Saoirsa They just don’t care, that’s the point… people who don’t care about the people that support them are soon irrelevant… #
  • @mikedopp What is facebook + emo + agressively promiscuous = #

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