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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-10

  • @cboyack Do you have a wind turbine generating electricity for you on those windy days? #
  • @meganjb that’s what they invented alcohol for… not advocating, just sayin… 😉 #
  • @mikedopp RE: wakawaka, I thought you said twitter was RUN by muppets! That would have explained a lot… whales being lifted by birds… #
  • @fuelfrog Your settings page takes 2 long 2 load, u should dynamically “Ajaxically” load vehicle year/make/model as 3 separate dropdowns #
  • @cboyack you’re not running on a UPS?! everything over $500 that has electronics in it at my house is behind a UPS, just to clean the power #
  • @ideakitchen (belated reply) I’m working on that: 1:reducing pwr consumption (CFLs, LEDs), 2:solar thermal, 3:PV panels, 4:wind turbine #
  • @cboyack I’ve got a treadmill motor that I plan on turning in to a wind turbine one of these days… #
  • Go Digg this: #
  • @cboyack grab an APC UPS from a local office supply store. You’ll spend less than $100 for a decent one, less than $200 for a good one #
  • @joepruitt Did you ever come up with a computer term starting with “Y”? #
  • @ageekgal Thanks for the comment! I used to use, but it wasn’t as quick as, and @fuelfrog is even faster #
  • @thatsnotnice what traffic? where? help the rest of use twitterpaters avoid the traffic problems that you’re seeing. #
  • @guykawasaki You paid Al Gore for your Carbon Credits before you got in the plane, right? Did he invent Carbon Credits, too? #
  • @cboyack Which website? Who broke it? #
  • @barberbell You ALWAYS have to celebrate your wedding anniversary… even if it’s just pizza, popcorn, flowers, and a movie… CELEBRATE! #
  • @spiderwebwoman if you routinely don’t tell users when maintenance is going to be, isn’t any of it “routine” #
  • @thatsnotnice @mikedopp rode his bike to work today… I think I will tomorrow… #
  • @cboyack I second that! #
  • @spiderwebwoman 140 character blog posts? #

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