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The time to fight has come…

It’s time to take the fight to the Establishment.

You and I know who stands for liberty. And we know who stands for the same old tired policies.

But we have to make sure every voter knows, too. We are running a campaign of ideas, but we are also running to win the White House.

We have won the battle of ideas. Voters across the country are yearning for balanced budgets, a return to sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy. Other candidates will try to run on these ideas and co-opt our message, but they cannot be trusted to follow through if elected. We must let voters know who is sincere about Liberty — and who is only giving lip-service to it so they can win.

Today, we take the next important step and begin a discussion with voters that will contrast my views and record with those of the other candidates.

Take a moment and watch our newest tv ad, entitled “Trust”:

I think it is important voters know who we really are. I am a constitutional conservative who has always fought the establishment.

That’s why I was one of only four sitting congressmen to break with a Republican President and endorse Ronald Reagan in 1976. And, that is why I took my son Rand with me as I led the Texas delegation for Reagan to the Republican National Convention.

One of my opponents was working for Jimmy Carter. But another one, the subject of this ad, endorsed and led the statewide effort for Al Gore after Reagan’s second term in office.

I think many of us agree that Ronald Reagan’s attempt to rein in Big Government didn’t go far enough.

But that’s not what Rick Perry thought. He obviously thought it went too far, since he chaired the Texas campaign of tax-and-spend Al Gore.

It is hard to escape the contrast between us. Governor Perry’s record in Texas shows whether or not he believes in smaller, constitutional government… but we’ll save that for another time.

Right now, it is important we get this message out and take the fight to the other candidates, upfront and in public.

Will you help us run this ad nationwide? We are especially concentrating on early primary states. But if we have the necessary funds, we could well go all out with this ad!

You can help today by watching the ad — and then donating — HERE.

This ad shows a few important things about my record and that of Governor Perry. First, I am the true constitutional conservative in this race, and I have the lifelong record to prove it. I endorsed the small government challenger to a sitting Big Government Republican President.

It doesn’t get much more bold than that.

But more importantly, it shows where my principles have always been: on the side of limiting the power of the state, shrinking the size and scope of government, cutting taxes, and fighting Washington..

And it shows Rick Perry’s leanings have always been toward more power for the state and more control over our lives and wallets.

It is a clear choice, and it is one I think Republican voters need to hear about. Other candidates have multiple choice answers to their positions.

I have held my principles firm.

Other candidates look at polls to see what they should believe. I try to move polls so that people see the light.

Tell me – which one of those is real leadership?

So friends, let’s take the fight to the Big Government establishment, whether they are represented by the White House or a fellow GOP primary candidate.

I hope you’ll take a look at this exciting new ad by clicking HERE, and I hope you’ll contribute to help put it on the air nationwide.

This campaign can make history with your help. We are out to change the course of our economy and our government. We are out to take back power from the corporate elite, the banksters, and the political establishment.

They know it, and they’re running scared. That’s why we have to take the fight to them, starting now.

I am counting on your help today.

For Liberty,

P.S. Remember, the mainstream media doesn’t like to cover us. So it’s vital you do two things today.

First, click here to watch our new tv ad, “Trust,” and then donate to help us put it on the air nationwide.

Second, post this ad everywhere. Email it to your friends. Put it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ — everywhere. Let’s make sure every single voter has a chance to see it.

Thank you for your hard work to help me win this race.


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