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Stuff my dad taught me: How to plant a tomato

My dad has had a large garden for as long as I can remember. He grows carrots, red beets, yellow crook-neck squash, and tomatoes, amongst other plants.

He uses a planting technique that would seemingly defy conventional logic.

He buys the biggest plants he can find from one of the local greenhouses. Then he pinches off all the branches and leaves except for the top pair — taking care not to damage the little hairs on the main stalk. Next he’ll take a post-holer and dig a hole deep enough to sink the entire plant except for the top several inches.

The theory goes that since the little hairs on the stalk can turn into roots if put in contact with the soil, and that a larger root will be able to support a larger plant, planting his tomatoes in this fashion will yield a much larger, and much heartier plant. Anyone who’s seen Dad’s toms will attest that whatever he’s doing works — very, very well.

So, trying to improve on what Dad does, here’s my method:


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