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The Debt Ceiling & The Danger of Total Economic Collapse

Amazingly, the Republican Establishment still doesn’t get it.  I’m sure you have been receiving voluminous amounts of email and direct mail requesting that you support the Republican plan to cap the debt ceiling at its current level.  But here is what they aren’t telling you…

The ceiling is going to cave whether the debt limit is increased or not.  Like the Metrodome, the roof will eventually collapse if the existing “snow” is not removed.  Saying you won’t add more debt won’t relieve the problem of the weight that is already making the supports buckle.

The reality is, if we only cap the debt ceiling, without immediately cutting massive amounts of spending, then the United States WILL DEFAULT on its loan payments.  The “full faith and credit of the United States” will be completely meaningless, our currency will be worthless and our already strained economy will crash into historical Weimar Republic (or more recent Zimbabwe-level) standards – where three eggs recently cost 100 BILLION Zimbabwean dollars!

Frankly, the debt ceiling is a comparative non-issue if the Republicans simply do what we sent them to Washington to do – CUT SPENDING! Cut it not with a butter knife like the previously proposed paltry $1 billion cuts, (0.07% of our debt); but with chainsaws, axes, mowers and cleavers!

The cold hard fact is 40 cents of every dollar the US Government spends is BORROWED.  That means the budget must be cut by at least 40%.  There are some very easy and some very hard choices to make in the days ahead, but the men and women of the 112th Congress were sent to Washington on the promise they would make responsible decisions to keep America a constitutional republic, not a degraded and bankrupt socialist swamp. SO STARTING TODAY, WE HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

Do not let the RINOs and the leftists in Washington pull a Nancy Pelosi – telling you one thing, doing the other, hiding truth from the American public and playing the same old game of “stuff-your-pockets politics with the Peoples’ money.”  The spending must stop, NOW!

If the 112th Congress simply cuts the budget, seriously and severely, economic collapse will be averted and there will be no need to raise the debt ceiling – in fact we could LOWER it, saving our children and grandchildren from economic slavery.  There are countless wasteful, irresponsible, unconstitutional programs and expenditures thoroughly researched and documented and crying to be cut!  There is a bright future in store for America – we WILL remain the land of the free, the home of the brave, IF WE ACT.  But if we intend to remain a beacon of hope to the world, we must return to the bootstrap ideals of decent self-reliance and personal responsibility that made this country great.  This is only possible if we get our financial house in order and cut the budget.  THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE – THE FECKLESS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PROFLIGATE SPENDING MUST STOP NOW!

I have argued for years that this problem is at root not a “money problem” but a moral and ethical problem which the American People, and the Representatives they entrust with governance of our great nation, MUST take in hand.

When your credit cards are maxed out and you can’t make the payments, you cannot simply go to the bank and ask for a higher credit limit so you can keep living like a king.  And it is not enough to simply cut up the credit cards and leave the credit limit where it is – because the debt is still there, the interest growing and the payments alone will soon exceed your earnings and your ability to even service the debt, much less pay it down and retire it.  Expenses must be cut back until the principal on the borrowed money can be repaid.  This is how you and I operate in our own households, and this is how we must insist Washington operate as well.

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes


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