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Thanks to citizen involvement, Syracuse City Council now comply with State Law, City Code

As we mentioned yesterday, problems remained with the Council’s proposed Rules of Order and Procedure. Joe Levi, spokesperson for Syracuse Citizens for Fair Rules in Public Meetings emailed the City Council with a short list of problems.

Syracuse City Council Work Session

During the Work Session there was much discussion about the proposed Rules. Originally 10 minutes were allotted, but the discussion ended up taking up the entirety of Work Session and still was not complete and would be continued in the regular session.

Syracuse City Council Meeting

During the public comment section of the Meeting, Mr. Levi addressed the Council. He stated his appreciation that the Council had acted so quickly in working to bring the City into compliance with State Law regarding Rules of Order and Procedure.

Unfortunately, the “continued discussion” the Mayor referenced in the Work Session didn’t happen. Nonetheless, thanks to the new Rules of Order and Procedure, amendments were made and a the majority of the issues brought up by Mr. Levi were resolved and adopted.

Mr. Levi feels that, although not perfect, the establishment of a set of Rules of Order and Procedure, as well as putting in clear language to refer to Utah State Law regarding removal of a member of the public from a meeting is a great success for the people of Syracuse City.


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