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A wedding in Phoenix

Natalie and I just returned from a cousin’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. Natalie wanted to drive… I won’t say that I blame her, but it would have been faster than flying… How is that possible?

To save a few bones, we took a “more scenic” route from Salt Lake City through San Fran… when we arrived we learned that our flight to Phoenix had been cancelled. Not to worry, we were automatically re-routed via the next available route…

So after a 4 hour lay-over in San Fran, we loaded up on a Boeing 777 & headed out to Denver… yes, Denver, right across Salt Lake City where we’d just come from. Another hour layover, and we were off to Phoenix. Total time from initial boarding to disembarking? Almost 15 hours.

The wedding was beautiful.

The return trip was uneventful.


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