Joe Levi:
a cross-discipline, multi-dimensional problem solver who thinks outside the box – but within reality™

Thank you! What an Experience!

Joe Levi addresses the State Delegates of the Utah Republican Party at the 2017 Organizing Convention

It has been an honor and privilege to travel the state and meet so many passionate and courageous members of the Utah Republican Party.

From the beginning, I felt the Divine hand of Providence urging me to share the message I gave in counties all over the state and today at the Convention.

Our system of government is a Republic, if we can keep it. Our Caucus system is how we keep it. I will continue to fight for our Utah Caucus System which keeps the voices of the people in our Neighborhoods heard even after the votes have been counted.

Thank you to my “running mates” for Vice Chair. You all were the example of how campaigns should run: friendly, cooperative, and non-confrontational. Well done.
Congratulations to Joni L. Hilliard-Crane, our new Vice Chair, and to Secretary Lisa Shepherd and Treasurer Abram Young on their re-elections.

Long live the Republic!


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