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Stop the Obama Onslaught

Campaign for LibertyAfter two years of President Obama installing his own handpicked bureaucrats in EVERY federal agency, I’m afraid we’re about to witness an assault on our liberties like few we’ve ever seen.

With congressional statists in disarray, Obama now plans to use the Executive Branch to ram through sweeping changes in policy to control speech, wreck private enterprise, install vast parts of Cap and Tax, and more.

But a little-known law could stop Obama cold in his tracks – if Representatives and Senators have the GUTS to use it.

That’s why it’s vital you fill out the petition before it’s too late.

As you’ll see, the petition demand your Representative and Senator exercise their power of “Congressional Review” to STOP out of control government bureaucrats from ramming their agenda down the throats of the American people.

How important is this?

Just weeks ago, the Federal Communications Commission set the stage for a complete government takeover of the internet.

Then, the so-called “Environmental Protection Agency” announced its intention to start regulating carbon dioxide emissions – the first step toward IMPOSING a full-blown “Cap and Tax” scheme without so much as a Congressional vote.

Unless you and I fight back IMMEDIATELY, I’m afraid there could be much more to come, including:

  • The so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” a shameless FCC attempt to SHUT DOWN free speech and guarantee the only opinions you hear and see are “government-approved”;
  • Card Check Instant Union Organizing, where the NLRB would strip workers of the right to vote in a secret ballot election, subjecting hardworking men and women to threats, intimidation, and worse from union militants;
  • MANDATED naked body scans, not only required by “Homeland Security” for American citizens to board an airplane, but just to go to a mall, see a sporting event, or travel by bus or train, as well;
  • Death panels, handing “Health and Human Services'” unaccountable government bureaucrats the power to deny care – resulting in what amounts to life and death power over you and your loved ones;
  • 401(k) seizure, allowing the IRS and the Social Security Administration to CONFISCATE Americans’ private retirement accounts to help the federal government pay its bills.

And all that might only be the beginning!

The truth is, for decades, presidents of BOTH parties and their federal agencies have abused their power to “rule by decree” – bypassing Congress and SHREDDING the U.S. Constitution – to impose their agenda.

In fact, just during his two years in office, President Obama’s administration has issued TWO HUNDRED new regulations – all with price tags of well over $100 million EACH.

Now, especially after the “shellacking” that was the 2010 elections, the statists are looking even more to federal agencies to ram their agenda down the throats of the American people.

The good news is Congress CAN stop these radical new schemes.

Within 60 days of a new bureaucratic “rule” being issued, Congress can pass joint “Resolutions of Disapproval” with a simple majority vote.

These resolutions were authorized in 1996 in a since all-but-forgotten law called the Congressional Review Act.

These resolutions literally KILL any new regulatory measure – unless vetoed by the President.

And believe me, under the white-hot heat of the pubic spotlight, President Obama will think twice before pulling out his veto pen just months before he stands for reelection.

Knowing his 2012 reelection campaign is just around the corner, overriding the will of Congress and the American people to PERSONALLY impose some radical new scheme won’t be a pleasant thought.

But it’s up to you and me to get the ball rolling by putting Congress on notice.

And that means making sure every Representative and Senator knows that just “sitting on their hands” once the bureaucratic assault begins won’t cut it.

Over the next few weeks, my plan is to use direct mail and email to recruit and mobilize a grassroots army to light the fire under Congress.

In fact, I’m hoping to contact up to twelve million Americans just in the initial push!

Believe me, those kinds of numbers will REALLY get Congress’ attention – but that won’t be the end of it.

To make sure we sustain pressure on Congress, I’ve also prepared three rounds of hard-hitting internet, radio, and newspaper advertising.

And finally – once the regulatory assault begins – I’m planning to launch yet another mail and TV ad campaign, targeting key Representatives and Senators to urge them to vote to pass “Resolutions of Disapproval.”

Now, this fight won’t be easy – or cheap.

In fact, outside of Audit the Fed, such a massive effort could literally dwarf any other program Campaign for Liberty has ever conducted.

But, if we don’t act, I’m afraid all of our victories could go up in smoke as we see the statists’ full agenda IMPOSED on American citizens without so much as a congressional vote.

So I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

First, won’t you please fill out the petition to your Representative and Senators, telling them they will be held accountable for refusing to stop the oncoming bureaucratic onslaught?

I’m afraid the only thing standing in the way of a radical new bureaucratic assault on our liberties are Patriots like you.

So I’m counting on your support.

So, please fill out the petition and chip in in your most generous contribution of $10, $25, or even $50.

Please don’t lay this letter aside. Please act TODAY.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. After the shellacking they took in the 2010 elections, the statists are now scheming to use draconian federal regulations to impose their radical agenda.

That’s why you and I must put Congress on record, DEMANDING they use their power of Congressional Review to STOP the oncoming bureaucratic onslaught.


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