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Spoiled Brats!

Campaign for LibertyDear Patriot,

One of the most contentious issues early in this new Congress will be whether or not to increase the debt ceiling.

For years, politicians tried to disguise their support for raising the debt ceiling by burying it in so-called “must pass” legislation.  Those days are long gone, as public awareness about the debt and deficit and public opposition to raising the debt ceiling is at an all-time high.

With each vote to raise the ceiling, Congress makes a mockery of responsibility by setting a “limit” it has no intention of keeping in order to pay lip service to fiscal discipline.

Why bother having a “debt ceiling” at all?

The administration warns that if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the consequences will be “catastrophic.”

If so, why not raise the debt ceiling to $100 trillion so we will not have to face such a conundrum again during most of our lifetimes?  With the record $1.5 trillion deficit our government is running, I am sure the debt ceiling would not have to be raised again until at least our children or grandchildren’s generation.

Of course, the proposal above is absurd, but not as crazy as raising the debt ceiling once a year or more!

It is up to you and me to draw a line in the sand.  Tell Congress you have had it with its out of control deficits and debts!

Raising the debt ceiling again is already proving to investors worldwide that America cannot control its debt problem.

The American government is best personified as a spoiled teenager who has already maxed out his parents’ credit card and overdrafted his checking account, yet begs his parents for money to go out with friends on Friday night.

It is time to tell that teenager he needs to stay home.  The American people need to tell their spoiled government its overspending days are finished.

Please take a moment to watch the video of Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Senator Rand Paul, discussing the debt ceiling with CNN’s John King.

Afterward, please contact your senators and representatives.

Instead of once again putting the problem off for another day, tell Congress to reject raising the debt ceiling and pursue fiscal restraint, including supporting Rand Paul’s $500 billion in immediate budget cuts and forthcoming Balanced Budget Amendment.

Continuing on with business as usual during this economic crisis is yet another insult to the American people, whose lives have already been mortgaged by an out of control White House, Congress, and Federal Reserve.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President


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