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ObamaCare: Senate Repeal Vote Today

ALERT: ObamaCare IS BAAAAACK!  Reid using guerilla legislative tactics said there would be no Senate vote on repealing the PelosiRediObama health care takeover.  Now thanks to Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell’s work every Senator will now have a recorded vote on repealing ObamaCare

TELL The SENATE TO VOTE YES on the McConnell Amendment to REPEAL and REPLACE Obamacare WE NEED YOU HELP NOW!

How is this vote happening now?  The Senate will begin debate on an FAA re-authorization bill. At this time any Senator can walk to the floor and offer his or her amendment to the bill. Senator Jim DeMint deferred to Leader Mitch McConnell who has used Rule 14 to hold a vote on the House-passed ObamaCare repeal during this process.

Reid never had the Senate vote on ObamaCare and instead used a reconciliation procedure trick to pass the House ObamaCare Unfunded Resolution, forcing ObamaCare through the Senate with 51 votes.

IT IS OUTRAGEOUS THAT the Obama White House has given 733 waivers (and counting) to allied unions and corporations so that they do not have to comply with some of the job destroying portions of this legislation.  We’ve seen the rising costs of insurance premiums for many Americans due to this law.  We know the costs — literally trillions more in coming years as yet another new entitlement will push us even closer to bankruptcy.

Again, even if your senators are already planning to vote for repeal, they need to hear from you that they are doing the right thing.  It can be lonely on Capitol Hill trying to fight off one big government takeover after another.  But with help and support from grassroots activists small government conservatives will be rejuvenated to continue the fight.

Now is the time to put pressure on moderate Democrats to repeal Obama’s government takeover of health care. Below is our list of moderate Democratic Senators to call. Call these Senators now because if all Republicans vote with McConnell we still need 4 Democrats to vote to repeal Obamacare:

This is a fight for the very heart of America.  We can WIN this fight! With Senate Republicans must now capitalize on the divisions within the Democrat Party itself! If we can STOP Reid from getting enough votes in the Senate – it means that OBAMACARE WOULD DIE!

Reid and the Arrogant Democrat controlled Senate of the United States ousted in the last election have failed to lead on healthcare.  Instead Obama in true dictatorial fashion ordered Pelosi and Reid to impose Obama’s will on all Americans by forcing ObamaCare through Congress using guerilla legislative tactics.  Obama did not lead; Obama became an arrogant Progressive Dictator ruling from the extreme liberal left with his own agenda.

ObamaCare was the biggest gamble of Obama’s presidency.  The Tea Party was born and Voters overwhelmingly rejected ObamaCare at the poles and now is trying to use a slick trick to fund ObamaCare.  Obama sacrifice Blue Dog Democrats by the dozens in order to get ObamaCare passed and they were replaced in January 2011.  They all threw away their chances in November and became sacrificial political puppets for the sake of the Obama agenda?

America Cannot Afford To Wait Until Any Longer – Stop Obma and Reid NOW!

Americans have already rejected ObamaCare.  A Quinnipiac poll showed Americans disapproved of Obama’s healthcare plan by 54-35 percent.  Rasmussen said 56% opposed and 41% approved, and both Pew Research and PPP said 50% were opposed to it.  WE CAN KILL OBAMACARE FUNDING WITH THE MCCONNELL AMENDMENT TO REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE!

This is outrageous and exactly what Americans do not want.  FAX NOW AND OFTEN AND MAKE CALLS TO CONGRESS.  We need your continued help more than ever as Socialized Health Care MUST STILL Be Stopped.

  2. Send this Alert to EVERYONE you know and every like-minded friend on your personal email list who wants to stop the Reid and his DC gangsters alarming assault of big government spending bills! We need to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of faxes delivered to EACH AND EVERY Senator and Congressman. It’s time Harry Reid and Congress gets the message!
  3. Keep calling your Senators today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call toll 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE at the Unconstitutional Socialized Health Care Mess!
  4. CALL President Obama, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your outrage at his incompetence and Mandates imposing ObamaCare on America and defying and insulting a Federal Judge.
  5. Print this copy and pass it around where normal working class Americans gather who care about the future of our country. Polling data reveals that Americans do not want ObamaCare!



We CAN still win, by keeping the Democrats from getting the votes they need to pass ObamaCare FUNDING IN THIS MASSIVE SPENDING BILL… but we can’t do it without YOUR help!

This fight CAN BE WON! Please, take action right away to STOP ObamaCare in the U.S. Congress!

Defend America,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Chairman, AmeriPAC


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