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Senator Hatch votes for the Tyrrany Act which gives the President power to imprison dissenters

Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus are suspended — unless Congress corrects this Legislation IMMEDIATELY!

We must flood Washington, D.C, with the message to align the National Defense Authorization Act with the U.S. Constitution during the bill’s reconciliation process!

The House and Senate are working NOW on reconciling a bill that if passed, will give the President the power to silence political enemies – even American citizens on American soil – at will – simply by labeling individuals as terrorists!

Senator Mike Lee voted against this bill because of it’s tyrannical implications.

Senator Hatch, however, cast yet another vote to rob not just Utahn’s, but the rest of the American Public as well, from freedoms and Rights — all under the banner of “security” and “fighting terrorism”.

Unfortunately, bringing this type of news to you, under this Act, could be defined as “undermining the Government” or being a “dissenter” — both of which could trigger the Federal Government to seize those responsible for it and hold them forever, without charges being files, or a judge hearing the merits of the case.

THAT is what this bill does — and Senator Orrin Hatch voted FOR its passage!

If you’re not outraged by this, you need do nothing at all.

If, however, you think the terribly named “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, YOU HAVE TO ACT RIGHT NOW!

You can use this letter if you’d like, but you must write, call, fax, email

I am writing to remind you that the Declaration of Independence was written in part because the British Crown held in contempt every citizen’s fundamental right of Habeas Corpus. Of all the civil liberties we take for granted today as a part of the Bill of Rights, the centrality of Habeas Corpus is illustrated by the fact that it was the sole liberty thought important enough to be enumerated in the original text of the Constitution.

This Congress, through H.R. 1540 and S.B. 1867, now stands ready to suspend not only Habeas Corpus, but also the Posse Comitatus Act.

Liberty-loving Americans will not allow this travesty to stand.

WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE BILLS TO BE ENACTED INTO LAW IN THEIR PRESENT FORM. You MUST correct this legislation at once. “Fix it NOW!” Align the National Defense Authorization Act with the U.S. Constitution during the bill’s reconciliation process between House and Senate!

Enact the civil liberty protections of the Rand Paul and Mark Udall Amendments immediately or we will know your actions for treason, and we will remove you from office at our earliest opportunity.


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