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Ron Paul Takes the Lead

Congressman Ron Paul has turned the mainstream media on its head! We’ve told you in the past the the media has ignored Ron Paul as a viable contender in his candidacy for President of the United States of America. It seems the only times the media have mentioned Ron Paul was to belittle or insult him, or remind “We the Sheeple” how he’s somehow “not a real candidate” or is “un-electable”.

We’ve also shared with you the fact that, of all the candidates running for POTUS (including President Obama), Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from members of the Armed Forces than any other candidate, and more than all the GOP candidates COMBINED! That says a lot!

When he’s been climbing in the polls, the media has passed him over. Excluding him from the “top tier” moniker even when he comes in second or third. In fact, in one such poll, Ron Paul came in second, but only the first place and third place candidates were mentioned. Comedian Jon Stewart even found fault with the media and celled them out in one of his late-night bits: “third place to WHO?”

Now, the media finds itself in a very difficult spot: in Iowa, Ron Paul came in first, beating Romney and Gingrich, and soaring over Bachmann, Perry, Santorum (is he still running?), Huntsman, and Johnson. Ironically, the media has already commented on this scenario… they’ve said if Ron Paul wins in Iowa it will “discredit the Iowa Caucus” and “Iowa won’t count” or “doesn’t matter”.

Interesting. It’s almost like the media has the winner already picked, and is trying to influence We the Sheeple using their “debates” and commentary to sway public opinion toward their favorite, and away from their least favorite.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sit very well with me.

Source: Public Policy Polling
Via: Conservative Action Alerts


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  1. Tammi Hetz says:

    So happy to find that Paul is leading the polls in the State of Iowa. He deserves the White House.

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