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Primary Election Message from Dave Hansen, Chairman, Utah Republican Party

Primary Election — Our Responsibility

Each of us has a responsibility — to ourselves, our families, our state, and our country, and that responsibility is to exercise that very sacred trust to vote.  Many of you have taken advantage of the early voting option and have already cast your ballot.  For those who still want to do so, you have two days left.  For the rest of us — there is Tuesday, June 22, primary election day.

Predictions are that, if past trends hold true, only about 15% of Republicans will vote in the primary election.  I hope that is not the case this year.  The stakes are simply too high.  Besides local legislative and county races in some areas, we have a very critical race in which we — those of us who will vote — will select our Republican nominee for the United States Senate.

I encourage, strongly encourage, each of you to make sure that if you haven’t already voted early, you set aside some time either today, tomorrow, or on Tuesday, June 22nd, to make sure your voice is heard and cast your ballot.

Take control of your future.  Be a part of selecting our elected representatives.

Vote in the Primary election.

Dave Hansen

Chairman, Utah Republican Party

For early voting locations, click here. For Primary information, click here.


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