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Plastic Surgery

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Until recently I’ve always considered plastic surgery a luxury of the rich — and an unneeded one at that. I’ve changed my mind a bit, but still hold to the ideal that plastic surgery should be something that one should consider when life throws you a curve ball, not just for “kicks and giggles.”

Not long ago a co-worker (sporting a newly stitched wound on his very bald head) related an experience about how he sliced open his head and how the ER doctor very nearly stapled the wound closed. Luckily, the doctor was convinced that his patient’s bald head could be considered part of his face (by its lack of hair) and thereby warranted some extra attention by the way of stitches rather than staples (this making for a much smaller and much less noticeable scar). You never know when little tidbits of medical information might come in handy, or when plastic surgery news and new procedures may help you or a loved one in a pinch.

When my son was younger he nearly sliced off a toe with a garden shovel. Yes, it bled, and yes, it scarred — but he kept the toe. What if it had been on, say, his face? Would I have known to ask that a plastic surgeon be called in to stitch up the wound (rather than the ER doctor? Don’t get me wrong, ER docs are great at what they do, but if you’re going to be faced with a scar and a non-life-threatening injury, have the doctor call in the on-call plastic surgeon and get some high quality stitching. For tips like this and others, head over to the cosmetic surgery blog.

That brings me to the ever-present exception to the rule, and to a much more personal note. I don’t want to go embarrassing anyone, so I’m not going to name names. Most women are self-conscious about their bodies. Some have “let themselves go” (like I’m one to talk!), others have had body-altering events thrust upon them, and still others were dealt a poor hand (as it were). For the latter two, I refer you to los angeles breast implants (CAUTION! NSFW before and after photos!). If the ravages of the child-bearing and child-rearing years have left things noticeably different or for those that didn’t get what “all the other girls got” I’ve come to the decision that augmentation, reduction, and/or reconstruction are not the taboo, self-centered topics that they used to be.

I still am of the opinion that invasive procedures are just that, and should be avoided where possible, but sometimes circumstances intervene and not all plastic surgery procedures are vain.

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