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Telemarketing Call From Auto Services

I just got a call from Auto Services trying to sell me an extended warranty on my new (used) vehicle. I didn’t note the number they were calling from, but I did obtain the following information:

  • Initially an automated call comes in (which is a violation of the TCPA) and tells you that this is your "final chance" to extend your vehicle warranty. Press 1 to be removed from the list, press 2 to speak with a customer service rep.
  • I spoke with Josh (rep. 208) who just so happens to be a floor supervisor (without a manager, I might add)
  • I asked if he would place me on their do-not-call list, he asked for my number and said he would
  • I asked if his company had a written policy concerning the use of their do-not-call list: not that he knows of (another TCPA violation)
  • I asked if he had any training on the user of their do-not-call-policy: no (another TCPA violation)
  • I asked to be transferred to someone in their legal department or corporate offices: he can’t do that
  • I asked for a number to the corporate office: for security reasons he’s not allowed to do that (another TCPA violation)
  • I asked for the physical address of the corporate office: for security reasons he’s not allowed to do that (another TCPA violation)
  • I asked what City/State he’s in: Atlanta, GA
  • I asked what company he’s calling for: Auto Services
  • I asked if they have a website: not that we knows of
  • I asked for the name and contact number of an Authorized agent in either Utah or Georgia: he doesn’t know what that is
  • I asked if he worked directly for Auto Services, or if he worked for another company under contract to Auto Services: the latter, but he refused to give their name and mailing address (another violation of the TCPA)
  • I asked if he had a do-not-call-policy for the parent company: not that he’s aware of (another violation of the TCPA)
  • I asked that all my numbers be placed on the do-not-call list for both Auto Solutions AND his parent company: he said he would
  • I asked that he send me a written copy of the do-not-call-policies for both Auto Solutions AND his parent company: he re-stated that he did not even know of the existence of such a policy; I reminded him that under the TCPA he’s required to mail me a copy upon request and that failure to do so is a violation of Federal Law. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me and bid me a "good day."

That’s, what, seven violations of the TCPA at $500 each (plus two more if I don’t get written copies of the do-not-call-policies for each company). So that one phone call could potentially cost the company $3,500… plus another $1,000 if I don’t get the DNC policies… and if a court awards treble damages that’s up to $13,500. That’s a big risk for a company to take… unfortunately I do not have a phone number or address (both are required by Law)… funny he wasn’t "allowed" to give that information out.

Is this related to the Dealer Services calls that I’ve gotten in the past… just under a new/different name?

Have any of you gotten these calls? Have any contact information?


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  1. Laura says:

    Try hitting *57 on your phone after the phone call. That should allow you to trace the telemarketer’s phone # for an approx $1 fee.
    There is a post with contact info for what I believe is same telemarketer at Best wishes. Here is some helpful info on sueing them:

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