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Who is Campaign for Liberty?

During the fight over DISCLOSE (a.k.a. the Establishment Protection Act) this last June, Representative Susan Davis commented on the U.S. House floor that she had been receiving calls from Campaign for Liberty members and tried to use our activism to justify voting for the First Amendment-shredding bill.

In response, C4L members bombarded Davis’ office with phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and other forms of communication to send the message that Campaign for Liberty is made by and for people who value liberty and our founding principles. One member even presented her with information about C4L during a townhall meeting! Immediately after the C4L member identified herself as such, the audience broke into applause.

If Susan Davis didn’t know who Campaign for Liberty was prior to her speech, she sure does now!

To demonstrate the growth of C4L and highlight our grassroots activists, we’re launching the “I AM Campaign for Liberty” project.

From now until Monday, September 27th, we’re asking our members to submit videos where they proudly state “I AM Campaign for Liberty.”

Content guidelines and other details can found at

Show who you are. What is important to you? Why did you join Campaign for Liberty? How are you involved in your community? Feel free to include as many details as you feel comfortable putting in the video.

After the deadline has passed, we’ll make a compilation video of highlighted clips.

“I AM Campaign for Liberty” will show not only the political establishment, but the entire nation, that our organization is made up of real people, with real concerns, who have a voice, and who aren’t going away anytime soon.

This is YOUR opportunity to take a stand and to remind everyone why you’re here, what’s at stake, and what you’re doing about it. It’s also your chance to show the world that everyday people can make a difference.

We hope you’ll help us in this effort to unite under the banner of Campaign for Liberty’s mission and principles as we prepare to face the next assault on liberty from Washington, DC.

Stay tuned to for updates on “I AM Campaign for Liberty”!

In Liberty,

Kevin Brett, Production Manager

P.S. DISCLOSE was halted in the Senate thanks in large part to C4L members’ quick actions, but Senate leadership is already working to bring it back up when Congress returns from its August recess.

Click here to get your senators’ contact information and tell them to OPPOSE DISCLOSE.


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