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Best Goodbye Email EVER!

My employer (like most in the country) are going through “right-sizing” (which is the politically correct way of saying “down-sizing” or “layoffs”). So far I’ve kept my head down and have made it through the cuts, but one of my co-workers (and a good friend) had his position eliminated.

Rather than being bitter or spiteful, this is the email which he sent to the department, notifying us of his departure.

Hi Everyone,

It has been wonderful working with all of you!  I am sad that I am leaving such a wonderful team of people but I do plan on staying in touch.  Here is my contact info:

(contact information redacted)

I’m not much for speeches so just imagine me standing before you saying something eloquent, poignant, and beautiful to mark the occasion.  And since you’re at it, imagine that I have a Ferrari and a private jet.

(signature redacted)

Witty, upbeat, funny… just like my buddy.

How are things at your job? Please comment!


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