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Dell Schanze Reportedly Caught on Video Shooting From a Powered Paraglider

shooting from paragliderIn Utah it’s against the law to shoot from a vehicle. Is a powered paraglider considered a “vehicle”? Was the paraglider in question in Utah?

These are just a few questions surrounding a recent video that has surfaced (and been taken down due to a copyright claim by that reportedly shows someone who looks and acts like Dell Schanze shooting a pistol at the shore of a lake while flying a powered paraglider.

The original video has been taken down, but someone made a parody, combining scenes from Rambo and the powered paraglider incident into a parody that is protected as “Fair Use” under the Copyright Act of 1976.

When the Salt Lake Tribune called Schanze for comment, he replied: “I wouldn’t post that and claim it was me, or you’ll be in big trouble.”

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  1. Harry Budge says:

    How can one guy accumulate this much bad press and keep on living?

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