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Orrin Hatch: Stopping the war on energy

Fellow Utahns,
Last week, I hosted two town hall meetings in the Uintah Basin where the discussions centered on Washington’s war on domestic energy production. The administration’s irresponsible policies are causing a painful spike in gas prices and are hurting Utah families and businesses.  Whether it’s prohibiting access to energy offshore and on federal lands, or preventing the development of Utah’s natural gas, coal, and oil shale, this Administration has done more to stymie energy production than any other in history.

Federal energy leases have dropped 67 percent in the Rockies and 87 percent in Utah.  That translates into an 87 percent cut in high-paying energy jobs in Utah, higher gas prices at the pump and less revenue for the state and federal government.
Enough is enough, it’s time for our country from our dependence on foreign oil.  This is a top priority of mine when Congress returns next week.

Below are some of my press statements.

Hatch, Vitter Unveil Major Bill to Unlock Domestic Energy Sources in Utah, U.S.

The legislation would overturn the Obama administration’s restrictions against domestic oil and gas production, reverse its bans on key offshore federal leases off  the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and open ANWR in Alaska to oil production, directing some of the resulting revenues toward renewable energy production, Finally, it would reverse the Administration’s recent moves against commercial oil shale production in Utah and other Western states. Please view the full statement here.

Hatch Blasts President’s Call For Tax Hikes on American Energy Producers

“Tax hikes on domestic energy producers will yield higher prices as the pump for consumers in the long run and further impede our nation’s ability to achieve energy security and independence.  In my home state of Utah, this Administration has gone to war against domestic production – locking up abundant energy resources that would keep our energy costs down.”  To read the full statement click here.

Op-ed: Balanced Budget Amendment Needed to Fix National Debt Crisis

“In 1997, after a fierce debate, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution I introduced was defeated by just one vote in the United States Senate. Fourteen years later, our nation is facing a debt crisis of epic proportions. Our national debt has gone from roughly $5 trillion in 1997 to over $14 trillion today. That’s more than $45,000 for every man, woman, and child in America.” To read the full article please click here.

Op-ed: Why the United States must sign three pending free trade agreements — or risk losing its place in the global economy

“Emerging from the most severe economic downturn in a generation, the United States has a choice: Do we continue to be a global beacon for open markets and economic advancement? Or do we turn inward and abandon our leadership on trade policies, which has been a hallmark of economic growth since the end of World War II? The U.S. Congress will soon have an opportunity to make this choice when President Barack Obama seeks formal approval of our pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.” To read the full article click here.

Senator Orrin Hatch

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