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Obama’s Gun Restrictions Begin

If you bought into Obama’s  campaign promises that he’s “Pro Second Amendment,” it’s too late to withdraw your vote for him.

Obama has very quietly begun to prohibit firearms, little by little.

Obama orders destruction of DoD spent brass

After Obama was elected, people started buying up guns and ammo. It’s so scarce now, I’ve had a back-order on .45 ACP for two months now.

Luckily, one can reload their own ammo with a little bit of training, some specialized equipment, and relatively inexpensive components (one of which is previously fired brass).

The Department of Defense does a lot of shooting, and subsequently they have a lot of spent brass. This brass can be resold, cleaned, checked for reusability, reloaded, and fired again.

The Obama administration didn’t like this, so they ordered spent brass destroyed so it wouldn’t make its way into the hands of people who reload (

This sends the message that the Obama administration doesn’t want people to be able to reload their own ammo, they want every shooter to have to buy ammo through a major manufacturer – a manufacturer that the government has control over.

Obama is Making Airlines (and buildings below them) less safe

First, reported March 17th 2009, Obama cut funding to the pilot training program which is a necessary step for airline pilots to be able to carry a firearm in the cockpit for defense of self and others. Apparently Mr. Obama has forgotten about what happened on 9/11, or he feels that a pilot and/or co-pilot carrying self-defense weapons wouldn’t have been able to thwart the attacks of terrorists armed with box cutters.

Mr. Obama, I think it’s time for you to disarm the Secret Service. You should prohibit them from carrying firearms, it’ll make you “safer.”

Obama is Making National Parks (and freeways through them) less safe

At the heart of this is States versus Federal rights. This seems like a simple case on the surface, but underneath it gets more complicated. The Federal Government has prohibited firearms on National Parks for quite some time.

In and around Virginia are many MANY National Parks. Many roads and even interstate freeways run through the parks (most without clear markings that you’re entering and leaving a National Park). But the prohibition doesn’t exclude those roads and freeways that you take to get to work, to go shopping, or any other “non-park related activities.” The solution? Leave your sidearm at home.

Recently the National Park Service under pressure from Constitutional Representatives, reversed that stance, favoring instead to abide by the laws of the state in which the Park resides. That makes sense.

But, the Obama camp doesn’t like that. Apparently his view of the Second Amendment doesn’t include the right to self-defense at work, at the store, on the road, or anywhere except in your home. Funny, I didn’t know the Second Amendment read “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed … except in National Parks.”

If you had any doubt…

If you had any misgivings that Obama wasn’t after gun restrictions, prohibitions, and the disarming of the American Populous, here are the first three little steps that set you straight.

Oh, and if you haven’t been listening to the HandgunPodcast, go do it.


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