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Not Hyper enough to be a HyperDriver? Try EcoDriving!

Those of you that have been following my blog for any reasonable amount of time know that I have more than a passing interest in the American Native (or is that Native American?) tenet of living with nature and treating her with respect. I try and apply this philosophy in every aspect of my life, from what I buy at the grocery store to how I drive my car.

After 16 years, I finally learned how to drive. I regularly get 28+ MPG from our family minivan (which is stickered to get up to 20 MPG highway). That seems impressive until you consider the elite group of people who get grotesquely high MsPG out of their stock cars.

This select group of people have been applying all kinds of tricks and techniques in an attempt to get as much efficiency out of every drop of fuel they can. These people call themselves hypermilers and can get “better than hybrid miles per gallon” out of standard, non-hybrid cars.

Most hyperdriving techniques are very basic in their nature (i.e.; only drive on fully inflated tires;coast as much as possible, especially when approaching a stop sign, stop light, or slow patch in traffic), but they do have a set of “advanced techniques” that push them from “reasonable” into the “lunatic” category (i.e.; drafting, “driving without brakes”).

Now the mainstream is catching on to the long-held “secrets” of hypermilers and are touting some of the easier to apply techniques. Some Governments and Municipalities are climbing onboard, too, even the Hummer driving Governator of Cali-forni-a.

Check out for all kinds of tips and tricks that you can try out on your commute home today! Just turn off your speakers before you do or you’ll get an earful from the Governator. Oh, and if you forget the “USA” from the address you’ll end up in Finland (

(hat tip to Leslie for sharing this site with me)


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