Spring Break


Another spring break has come and gone, and my list of things to accomplish over the break was a bit more realistic than in years gone by, but not fully realized, much to my frustration, and that of my wife.

I tried putting up a wood fence for the first time in my life. I set most of my posts (some of them twice!), and have laid out the footer board. Now that the posts have set I’ve got a lot of cutting and toe-screwing on my plate. Then more $$ and more assembly. So far so good, but this task got trumped by others, so it’s yet another task that I’ve yet to finish.

One thing we did get done (that I got roped into) was repainting our sitting room. Wow. Natalie did a GREAT job picking out a color and a boarder. Jessica even got to paint some parts with a “little baby roller” which was just her size. Check that one off as done.

Re-doing the site using a CSS table-less structure was a task that didn’t get much attention. I did play around with some CSS2 and have some components to the site that got a lot of expirimentation done. Unfortunately, I have nothing to show for it on the website right now. My objective is to use W3C complaint CSS1 and CSS2 which works the way it’s supposed to in standards-compliant browsers such as Mozilla’s FireFox (formerly known as FireBird), yet still render eligantly and functionally, if not perfectly, by MSIE 6. I wish Microsoft would follow standards rather than trying to invent them.

The play-room still needs finishing off, no work done there, but a mental completion schedule is taking shape in my mind

I got a Pioneer AO7 DVD+-R/RW drive at long last. Now I can burn DVD’s of my episodes of Enterprise! Only 3 discs per season, versus 26! Yeah! I know that it’s not legal to mak copies of purchased “Hollywood” DVD’s, but until the DMCA is ammended to mandate that publishers replace damaged (or lost) discs within a 24 hour guaranteed turn-around period (of course upon proof of purchase (such as the pieces of the broken disc), I’ll be a criminal for applying the Fair Use clause of the Copyright Act of 1976 to copy-protected materials such as commercial DVDs. I hope the RIAA and Motion Picture Association lawyers don’t read this… It would be a shame to sue me and release a convicted murderer or rapist just to make room for the “true criminal.”

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