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My Fax to Senator Hatch, asking him to OPPOSE S.510

Dear Senator Hatch,

I am a State Delegate and Precinct Vice Chair for Syracuse 08 in Davis County, Utah. I have been unable to contact your Salt Lake City Office, after being placed on hold then hung up on, so I trust that you’ll receive this fax in a timely fashion.

On behalf of my constituency in Precinct SY08 we oppose S.510, the poorly named “Food Safety Modernization Act”.

The following organizations OPPOSE S.510:

  • Precinct SY08 of the Utah Republican Party
  • American Grassfed Association
  • National Family Farm Coalition
  • Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
  • Weston A. Price Foundation
  • The John Birch Society
  • Raw Milk Association of Colorado
  • Farm Family Defenders
  • Small Farms Conservancy
  • National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
  • Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

We remind you that:

  • Senator Robert F. Bennett recently cast a series of votes that were contrary to the will of his constituency; that act of disregard of the will of his constituents caused him to be FIRED at Convention
  • This bill will do NOTHING to make the food supply “safer”
  • This bill will further encumber small business
  • Numerous times you have advised us that you are OPPOSED to bigger government
  • This bill will open the floodgates for tyrannical federal bureaucrats to crush local producers of healthy food
  • This bill will EXPAND government to the tune of nearly $1 billion to grow the government’s reach, and calls for over 17,000 new bureaucrats to be hired through fiscal year 2014

Furthermore, we ask that you:

  • Immediately withdraw your sponsorship of S.510
  • Discontinue your support of S.510
  • Vote AGAINST S.510 every time it is brought up for a vote (including, but not limited to Cloture)
  • Actively OPPOSE S.510

I await your reply so that I can forward it on to the rest of the Precinct. Please do not let us down like Senator Bennett did.


Joseph Levi, Precinct Vice Chair & State Delegate
Utah Republican Party, Precinct SY08

If you would like use some of the text above to voice to Senator Hatch your opposition to S.510, please fax it to him at the following:

  • Fax: (202) 224-6331
  • Fax: (801) 524-4379
  • Fax: (801) 374-5005
  • Fax: (435) 634-1796
  • Fax: (801) 394-4503
  • Fax: (435) 586-2147

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