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Must Have Accessories for your Android G1 or HTC Dream

  1. Official HTC headset/headphone + charge adapter: $2.97
  2. Belt case: $CHEAP!
  3. Replacement/space battery: $5.18
  4. Need more battery life? 2200mAh battery: $17.88
  5. Need more battery life? 2300mAh battery: $19.92
  6. 16GB MicroSDHC card (class 2): under $30 w/ free shipping!!!
  7. Sandisk 16GB Class 2 MicroSDHC card: under $40
  8. microSDHC 8GB class 6: less than $20:

FTC disclaimer: My mention of these products are not an endorsement of any kind, however, the links do include my Amazon affiliate id. Why do I have to include this? Click here to read about the FTC’s new rules governing endorsements.


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