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Link Building

The following is a sponsored review
One of the most overlooked methods of increasing a page’s search engine relevance is though link building.

Yes, that does include getting other people (with relevant content) to link to your content (and potentially provide a reciprocal link as well), but moreso it means placing context-relevant links within the body of your post.

Obvious uses for this include links to supporting information from reputable sources (such as Wikipedia and as well as links to opinion articles, news stories, and even items at your favorite online reseller.

Ironically, this is the way that hypertext was originally supposed to work.

There are some services that will scan a document, parse it for keywords, and dynamically create hyperlinks to the content. While this is potentially good for the content author, due to its lack of permanence, it’s not that great for the advertisor (who must continue to pay monthly or per impression fees to have their keywords continue to be linked).

So how can you get started with link building? has put together some good link building tips and tricks that you may find of value (as both an advertiser AND a content author). But what about content? Unless you already have a very well established web presence with a substantial amount of traffic you (as an advertiser) need someone with an established audience and a unique writing style to create the content and present it for you.

If you have an ad agency on contract with you, they probably have a killer copy writer or two, but ad agencies are expensive, and they can only provide half of what you need: the copy. What about the audience? That’s where bloggers (like me) come in. Take a look and see what’s available.

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