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Just say NO to "phoney deals" on the debt

Whether it’s in our fight to Audit the Fed, our battle to End the Mandate, or our work to protect civil liberties, you and I have seen first-hand the impact Campaign for Liberty members can have in support of constitutional government.

And it’s vital that C4L members take action immediately to stop the impending sellout of American taxpayers.

That’s why C4L has prepared a special video update on the establishment schemes in Congress that continue business as usual.

After you watch the video, I hope you will complete your mailgram to Congress right away so C4L can fax it to your representative and senators to send one simple message: no phony deals, no debt, and no more unbalanced budgets.

It’s like 2008 all over again.  Back then, it was big bank bailouts, which were followed by trillion dollar stimulus plans.

Now, the White House and congressional leaders are scheming to continue their business as usual ways – which will add trillions of dollars in new debt and help permanently cripple our economy.

And Speaker Boehner is crawling back to the White House to negotiate a surrender even at a time when limited government activists are making their voices loudly known for no deal.

It seems like we get reports of a new, so-called “plan” every day.

They all have some things in common, though.  They don’t balance the budget.  They don’t fix the debt problem.  And they usually attempt to raise taxes while trying to buy off limited government activists with small, meaningless cuts.

Why are these plans dangerous?  Because they are often supported by Republican leaders in Congress – and because they invite weak-kneed GOP officials to cave in.

You and I must join together to draw a line in the sand.

Whether it’s Senator McConnell’s plan to punt the ball to the White House, or the so-called Gang of Six plan to raise taxes – or pretty much any other establishment idea you’re likely to hear about, it’s going to take the action of every Liberty activist in America to stop them.

You see, the establishment wants a deal.  They want us to be silent.  They want Republicans to cave and sell out the taxpayers.

It’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

That’s why it’s crucial you watch C4L’s video update on the backroom dealing happening in Congress.

After you watch the video, please complete your mailgram to your representative and senators demanding they stand up for the American taxpayer against the continued destruction of our economy.

I want to fax a mailgram from every single Campaign for Liberty member to their Senators, their Representative, and the Republican leaders in both houses, with a strong and simple message.

  • NO more phony “deals.”
  • NO more runaway spending.
  • NO more unbalanced budgets.
  • NO sellouts of the taxpayers they are supposed to represent.

But I need your help to make sure C4L can generate a tidal wave of opposition to the establishment’s plans and guarantee Congress gets the message.

So in addition to agreeing to complete your mailgram, I hope you’ll also help Campaign for Liberty fund this ambitious project to flood Capitol Hill with messages from all across the country.

We have to quickly contact millions of more Americans in the coming days.  And to do that, we’ll need your financial support.

C4L can only take as much action as the generous support of our members allows.

So after you watch the video and fill out your mailgram, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford, so C4L can fund our operations to stop the taxpayer sellout in Congress.

Every day, Congress and the White House are getting closer to a compromise, so you and I must make our voices heard.  Please fill out your mailgram and help us bring more Americans into this battle by making a donation toward this project today.

This battle is too important to leave to others, so I hope you’ll help Campaign for Liberty stand and fight.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes, Vice President
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. It seems new, so-called “plans” are being introduced everyday by leaders in Congress who are too willing to allow the continued destruction of our economy


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