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Sobering Investments

We all know that we should be putting money aside for a rainy day and retirement, right?

And we’ve been told that the stock market is a good place to get a good return on our investment, right? With that in mind, let’s look at a few numbers.

Let’s say you invested in the following stocks 1 year ago, what would they now be worth?

Company Original Investment Current Value
Nortel $1,000 $49
Enron $1,000 $16.50
WorldCom $1,000 <$5
Lucent $1,000 $3.50

But, if you had used your $1,000.00 to buy beer one year ago, then drank all the beer, then turned the aluminum cans in for recycling, you would have had $214 left!

(Source: ForgetFoo)


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