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Is the Pandemic Flu on its way?

image According the the Associated Press Canadian authorities quarantined a train in northern Ontario Friday after a woman died and several other people came down with an “undetermined illness” with flu-like symptoms.

Police constable Marc Depatie told CBC TV there were reports that the woman who died was in her 60s and already had flu-like symptoms when she boarded the train with a group of tourists in Jasper, Alberta.

Staff Sgt. Rob Knox later said that Ontario Provincial Police did not think there was a connection between the death and the other illnesses.

image Laurel Ostfield, a spokeswoman for Ontario’s minister of health, said officials were still awaiting the results of tests on the people showing symptoms. She said 6-10 are ill with flu-like symptoms that appeared to be contained to two cars on the train. One person was hospitalized due to shortness of breath, but is reported to be in stable condition.

The train was being held in the station in the town of Foleyet, 500 miles northwest of Toronto. There are 269 passengers and 30 crew members on-board.

Officials were keeping passengers from leaving the train, said Steve Trinier, the director of ambulance services in the area.

The station was evacuated.


  • Police said as many as 10 were ill with flu-like symptoms. “No one is going onto the train without full protective gear,” police spokeswoman Sgt. Laura Nichols told CP24.
  • Reuters is reporting that officials claim the 6 other people (we’re back to 6 now?) had symptoms before boarding the train.
  • According to CNN, the train soon be on its way again, Ontario’s top medical officer told reporters. Dr. David Williams said the woman who died did not have an infectious disease, nor did another woman who was airlifted to Timmins and District Hospital in Timmins, Ontario.
  • According to, anyone looking for information on loved ones can contact VIA Rail’s passenger information line at 1-888-842-7245.

Does anyone else find that a bit suspicious?

Map image

  1. A woman in her 60’s with flu-like symptoms boards a train and later dies.
  2. 6-10 additional begin to exhibit flu-like symptoms.
  3. 1 person from the 6-10 has been hospitalized.
  4. Officials deny any link between the 60 year old woman who died of the same symptoms being exhibited by the 6-10 others, but decide to take further action.
  5. Officials stop and quarantine the train, disallowing anyone from leaving.
  6. Officials evacuate the train station.
  7. Officials take blood from others on the train and are awaiting results.

Is the the pandemic flu that we’ve been told to prepare for?

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