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Announcements Made Easy

There will probably come a time in your life when you need to announce a major life event (and no, I’m not talking about beating Halo 3 on "Legendary" in under 6 hours). Whether that event is your wedding, the birth of a child, or just the annual holiday card.

With the modern conveniences the internet has brought, you can now make your own cards from home in your … well, whatever you happen to be wearing.

Say you need to send out some Baby Announcements, simply head over to Doodle Bug Dezigns (yes, that’s spelled correctly), click "announcements" from their menu (they also have Holiday, Wedding, Invitations, and Stationery), pick your preferred design, fill in the blanks, upload your photo of choice, "sign" the copyright release, and add the card to your shopping cart. (If you want to add more types of cards you simply repeat the process.) Easy as that, your Birth Announcements are ready!


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