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IRS 1099 Tsunami still on course to wipe-out small businesses

Congress still hasn’t repealed Obamacare’s 1099 reporting requirement. Instead, they’re holding small businesses hostage to partisan games, as the sample letter below shows.

Tell Congress this is unacceptable.

You may borrow from or copy the following letter . . .

Leaders of both parties seem to be lying when they claim they want to repeal Obamacare’s 1099 reporting requirement. If they really meant it, they would just do it. But instead . . .

  • House Republicans amended the repeal bill to “pay for” the “lost revenue”
  • They created a small entitlement reform that will force some members of the middle class to write bigger checks to the IRS

I believe the House Republicans KNEW the Senate would oppose this. I believe House Republicans sabotaged their own bill.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have been obstructing the 1099 repeal since last year. They claim they want to “pay for” the 1099 repeal with spending cuts, but if that was really true they would just go ahead and make those cuts in a separate bill.

Both sides are hypocritical. Both sides support trillion-dollar deficits, but then squabble about the $22 billion in revenue that will supposedly be lost due to the 1099 repeal. No wonder Congress is held in such low regard.

I charge that each side wants to see this repeal bill FAIL so that they can blame the other side.

I believe both sides know this bill doesn’t need to be “paid for.” You won’t lose revenue by repealing the 1099 provision. Actually, strangling the economy with complicated and burdensome 1099 reporting requirements is an effective way to LOSE revenue. Although I support entitlement reforms and spending cuts, they don’t need to be in this bill.

Stop holding small business hostage! Pass a SIMPLE REPEAL of the 1099 requirement with NO “revenue offsets.”

If you can’t do this simple thing, that will just be more proof that Congress doesn’t deserve the confidence of the American people.

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James Wilson, Assistant Communications Director, Inc.


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