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Have an MP3 Player? You're a Thief!

Universal Music Group
According to UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris, “These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it. So it’s time to get paid for it.”

The comment came on the heals of Microsoft’s agreement to share revenue from Zune sales with record labels and artists. At the heart of the issue was UMG which refused to license its music to the Zune unless it would get a percentage of each device sold, in addition to standard music licensing fees for downloads and subscriptions.1

So, out of curiosity, does this means that ANY UMG music placed on a Zune (or a device with a similar agreement to that of the Zune) becomes legitimate because you’ve already compensated the copyright owner by purchasing the device?

So it’s not just the the RIAA that’s ruining music, add UMG and Doug Morris to the list.

This is yet another reason to support Independent Artists and avoid the huge media moguls that want to control every aspect of your music listening experience!


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