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Beware another Email Phishing/Trojan Scam: Worldpay CARD transaction

I have been getting an increasing number of this type of message in my inbox, so I thought it would be worth mentioning to you:

Subject: Worldpay CARD transaction Confirmation

Body: Your transaction has been processed by WorldPay, on behalf of Amazon Inc.

This is not a tax receipt. e processed your payment.

Amazon Inc has received your order, and will inform you about delivery.


Amazon Team

This confirmation only indicates that your transaction has been processed successfully.

It does not indicate that your order has been accepted.

It is the responsibility of Amazon Inc to confirm that your order has been accepted, and to deliver any goods or services you have ordered.

This scam hopes that you will click and run the link provided, which will do who-knows-what, but it’s unlikely to do anything good.

It’s not a legit email, and no “receipt” should ever force you to open an attachment or download a file to view it.

Ironically, TomTom provided a .pdf receipt, which is another example of things they do wrong.


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