RSS feeds are really something that I enjoy. They offer all the content of a site organized into neat little packages that I can read off-line, sort, and search for keywords. Honestly, it’s the way I read the bulk of the tech news and current events each day.

The nice thing about RSS? It’s a standard. (Okay, okay, so there are a few standards, but that’s fodder for another ‘blog.)

They’re so popular (RSS feeds) that virtually every major search engine and content provider allows you to submit the feeds that you want to track so you can your information fix through their portal. That’s nice and all, but you must manually submit your all the feeds to your portal to be able to track them. Well, almost. Because there are a lot of non-techy people on the web, and even the techy ones can be lazy, many ‘bloggers have opted to place links in the form of “chicklets” to their side-bar to facilitate the adding of their feed to the varied portal sites out there. Great! That makes things easy… but there are so many of those, there’s got to be an easy (and elegant) way to accomplish both standard RSS and RSS-to-portal links easily.

Enter FeedBuddy:


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