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Where did the Utah Republicans go?

In a Deseret News article entitled “Where did the Utah Republicans go?” by Steve Mascaro (and echoed by Bob Aagard), the question is raised, where did the Utah Republicans go?

The answer is quite simple:

  • We fell asleep at the wheel and let our elected officials (our employees) run things contrary to our will.
  • We let RINOs into office, or at the very least, arrogant, career politicians
  • We got lazy.

No more!

We’ve learned from our mistakes. We’ve learned that all it takes for the political “machine” to run out of control is for us to stand idly by and do nothing.

To answer Bob Aagard and Steve Mascaro, where are the Utah Republicans?

  • We showed up at our Neighborhood caucus en mass (approximately 75,000 people attended their Neighborhood Caucus meetings this year).
  • We elected State and County Delegates to remind our elected officials who is really in charge (We, the People).
  • We elected State and County Delegates who wouldn’t be afraid to fire incumbents just because they have “seniority”.
  • We came out from a hibernation that we never should have taken to find that our Party wasn’t representing us – and we took it back.

80% of all State Delegates at Convention were serving for the first time, and we took our responsibility seriously. 3,442 of 3,500 elected delegates were present at Convention, over 98%.

So, Mr. Mascaro and Mr. Aagard, where are the Utah Republicans? We’re right here. We stand for principle and accountability. And this time we’re not going away.


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