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Frugal Tip: Switch to Netflix instead of Redbox to Rent Videos

So you Ditched Paid TV like I suggested in my last article, but you’re going through withdrawal at the lack of programming available on broadcast TV (especially in the off-season that we’re just coming into).

You may already have a movie rental subscription, or frequently visit Redbox. If you have BlockBuster’s Total Access Premium plan you’re already paying $34.99/month. If you visit Redbox and pick a couple moves up each week, keeping them over the weekend you’re paying $24/month.

What can you do?

Sign-up for Netflix! That’s what!

Netflix is awesome. It’s a mail-based video store where you rarely have to worry about what’s in-stock, and you never have to worry about late fees. Although there are several subscription plans available, I’ll limit my discussion to their “unlimited” plans (as opposed to their “limited number per month” plans), and focus on their “3 DVDs out at a time” plan.

With this plan you’ll be able to have 3 DVDs “out” at a time. That’s enough to keep one or two at home and have one or two in the mail. If you keep on top of it you can watch 3 new movies per week. The cost of doing this: $16.99/month.

There’s also a streaming option, but that’s yet another Frugal Tip.!

Tip Savings

Like we’ve done in the past, we’ll average the two competing options together and compare them to the recommended solution.

In this case the annual average you’ll pay for using either Redbox or Blockbuster is $353.94, whereas you’ll only be paying $203.88 for Netflix, saving you $150.06/year!

Frugal Tip Annual Savings
How can you Shave and Save? $27.88
Alternate to Shaving Gels and Creams $47.28
TV on YOUR Schedule $99.00
Ditch Paid TV $359.88
Switch to Netflix instead of Redbox to Rent Videos $150.06

Tune in for our next Frugal Tip!


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