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For Sale: Vista Soda

IMAG0392Windows Vista, it’s not just an operating system, it’s a refreshing Lemon-Lime soda

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Have you had problems with Windows Vista? Did you think it was related to software, drivers, or just a radically new security sub-system? Could it be that you installed Windows Vista without drinking its companion soda?

What? There’s no such thing as Vista Soda you say? How wrong you are! Straight from Washington it’s Vista Soda!

This Soda is made from only the finest of spring waters, carbonation, and essences from natural fruit oils and extracts. No, really, it says so on the can!

This one can contains 12 fluid ounces (355ml) of pure, wonderful, Vista Soda. Zero calories per serving (recommended serving size one can). Total fat (saturated fat, trans fat), cholesterol, sodium, carbs (dietary fiber, sugars), and protein: Zero grams.

IMAG0394This is the only one I have, once it’s gone, it’s gone. No more… Maybe they’ll come out with Mojave Soda… but that would just be a Vista Soda marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you seriously selling this for $999 USD?
  • I know, awesome, huh? I should be asking three times that, but I’m a really nice guy. Besides, that’s just the opening bid. I feel the free market should dictate the real value, don’t you?
  • Do you have any Windows 95/98 Soda? Windows Server Soda?
    • Nope, just Vista Soda.
  • Does Microsoft know about this?
    • They’d better! It came out of a vending machine on their campus!
  • Is this Vista Soda compatible with my Mac? Linux box?
    • Vista Soda is compatible with you. As long as you’re compatible with Mac/Linux/(enter your OS of choice here), so is Vista Soda.
  • IMAG0393Is it really compatible with me?
    • Only you can know that… any maybe your doctor. Seller is not responsible for incompatibility.
  • I’m a Mac/Linux/(enter your OS of choice here) user, won’t my fellow users make fun of me?
    • Maybe, but deep down inside they’ll be jealous.


    • Finely aged Vista Soda
    • Unopened aluminum container with flip-tab


    • Not guaranteed to increase stability of your operating system.
    • Operating System not included.
    • Shipped without refrigeration, please refrigerate for best taste.
    • IMAG0395Refrigeration not included.
    • Due to the consumable nature of this product, there can be no refund/exchange.
    • Do not shake then open, that could be bad.

    Bid Now!


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