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FBI allowed to add GPS device to cars without warrants

The Supreme Court will soon weigh in on whether law enforcement agencies can monitor your every move without you knowing — and without a warrant.

In Missouri, however, one judge isn’t waiting to find out their word. US Magistrate Judge David Noce ruled last week in favor of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and determined that the FBI did not need a warrant in order to affix a GPS device to the car of a St. Louis man.

The US Supreme Court will decide later this year if such action is allowable without obtaining a warrant. In the interim, Judge Noce says it is just fine.

We have to wonder, is this just limited to law enforcement use, or can normal citizens (like you and I) affix GPS monitoring devices to other people’s cars without their consent? Could a civilian affix a GPS monitoring device to a law enforcement vehicle? Could a gang (for instance) place GPS monitoring devices on most of the police cars so they’d better be able to plan out their nefarious actions?

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