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DOE Plans Desert Explosives Test, Mushroom Cloud to contain tons of radioactive dust

Mushroom Cloud (image courtesy Wikipedia)
I wrote the following letter to my Utah State Senator regarding the “Divine Strake” above-ground explosives test that risks throwing tons of radioactive dust into the air over the State of Utah (and all down-wind states).

I encourage you to write a similar letter to your Utah State Legislators — today.

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Senator Killpack,

It’s been a long time since I worked for you at Lagoon, and even longer since I was in your Sunday School class…so it’s very comforting to see a familiar face with similar values making a stand on the right side of something that I believe in.

S.C.R. 5 Resolution Opposing Divine Strake — Davis, G. is a good start, but it lacks teeth! Granted, it is a good document and outlining the history of Divine Strake and sends a message that the Legislative and Executive branches of the government of Utah are opposed to such testing, but that’s all it does.

Let me preface the next segment of this correspondence by stating that I acknowledge that my recommendations may sound radical, but given the potential ramifications of failing to stop these types of tests, perhaps they’re not radical enough.

I would like to see a Bill introduced that would outline how the State of Utah will react should Divine Strake (or any similar “test”) be carried out. I would like this bill to contain two provisions.

(1) that our US Senators and US Representatives be IMMEDIATELY recalled from Washington and brought before a joint session of the Utah Legislature and Governor to account for their actions (or inactions) at the Federal level to prevent this (and/or any future tests). If it is resolved that any one of them did not do EVERYTHING within their power (including, but not limited to, filibustering, bill opposition, bill introduction, opposition testimony given, etc.) to represent the interests of the Citizens and State of Utah, that a recall election for those who failed us be held as soon as possible following said conclusion, and that their return to Washington in their official capacity be prohibited until the outcome of said recall election has been completed.

(2) that all Federal funding (including, but not limited to, withholdings from the paychecks of all Utah Residents) be withheld by the State of Utah and payment to the Federal government be prohibited until the successful petition of the Federal Government (at the Utah Capital Building) for release of these funds, minus “Down-winder’s Compensation” (to be determined by the Utah Legislature).

In short, if those we have elected to represent us at the Federal level, we hold them responsible for their actions (or inactions), and if the Federal government fails us again, we withhold our funding of them.

Again, these are radical proposals to be certain. But it’s a radical test, and well warranted given the history of lies, suffering, loss, and death that was forced upon the citizens of the State of Utah by the last tests.

I await your response and your thoughts on the matter.

– Joe Levi


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