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Congress, and a lot of bad ideas, returning from recess

When Congress returns from recess this coming week, a lot of bad ideas will be coming back with it.

I’ll provide a link below where you can get contact information for your representative and senators, but first, let me tell you about just some of what we can expect to see in the next few weeks.

  • Senate leadership is determined to ram through the DISCLOSE Act (a.k.a. the Establishment Protection Act) to silence freedom-fighting organizations like C4L by going after our donors. It only takes one compromise by the New England Triplets (Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown) or other senators to turn this threat into law.
  • Legislators would still love to pass a Cap and Tax bill that would further interfere with the free market, hike our taxes (possibly costing us as much as $650 billion), result in more than one million lost American jobs per year, and create new invasive federal powers to control our lives.
  • First responders (Police, Fire, and EMT) would be devastated by a Police-Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill that would override state laws, push already bloated state budgets past the breaking point, and empower Big Labor by making its agents the spokesmen for public-safety officers. According to National Right to Work, “Congressional action would thus strip tens of thousands of police and firemen of their freedom to negotiate directly with their employers on their own behalf.”
  • Power-hungry politicians will seek to use the egg recall to throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus. S. 510, the so-called “Food Safety Modernization Act,” grants blanket authority for federal agencies to impose international guidelines and standards on domestic food producers, and Section 401 authorizes nearly $1 billion to grow the FDA’s reach and calls for almost 4,000 new bureaucrats to be hired in fiscal year 2010 alone.
  • The Internet, a critical outlet for liberty-minded speech and grassroots mobilization, could come under attack from an Internet Takeover Bill that would allow the government (in the name of supposed “cyber security”) to overrun private providers and take charge of what we have access to. Senator Joe Lieberman has already admitted on national television that he thinks China’s ability to disconnect parts of the Internet is a good example for us to follow.
  • President Obama is calling for $50 billion in new “stimulus” spending on so-called infrastructure (including huge payoffs to Big Labor and other Obama backers), and you can be sure that’s only the first installment. Instead of enabling businesses to create jobs and drive innovation by cutting taxes, removing regulations, and getting D.C. out of the way, we will take on even more debt and follow the same playbook that ruined our economy.
  • While Cap and Tax strikes at how we live in our own homes, Senator Chris Dodd’s S. 1619, the “Livable Communities Act,” embodies the spirit of the UN’s Agenda 21 and would reshape entire neighborhoods in any way the federal government sees fit. It further strengthens the executive branch’s control by creating a new permanent bureaucracy (the Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities) and brings with it billions in grants, which will put intense pressure on local officials to comply with the law.

As Congress returns, we need to ensure it hears one loud, clear message from the freedom movement:

  • Stop it.
  • Stop spending.
  • Stop shredding the Constitution.
  • Stop making things worse because you want to be seen as doing “something.”

Click here to get contact information for your representative and senators and help C4L send that message.

The statists need to be relentlessly reminded that we are not going to dial back the pressure.

They would love nothing more than to overwhelm us with so much awful legislation that we give up, lose hope, and stand down.

The first week of this session could determine what bills have momentum to pass, and which ones are swept aside.

Please, make sure Congress hears from you right away.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President

Campaign for Liberty

P.S. It’s a message so simple, you would think our elected officials would be able to easily understand it: Stop It! But Congress’ return will see the revival of freedom-threatening legislation. With battles on multiple fronts, we can’t take action without your support. If you are able, please chip in $10 today so C4L can fight back against the statists’ plans and stand up for liberty.


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