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AOL: An Example of Poor Service

I’ve never liked AOL, and for more than the obvious reasons. Back in the day AOL was a very simple way to get “online.” Too simple. It invited ignorant, rude, crass, “noobs” to the “geeks only” internet. Today getting online is easy regardless of the Service Provider, so us geeks are forever cursed with noobs. 🙁

If you’ve had AOL, you probably had a difficult time cancelling your service. Vincent Ferarri did, here’s his story.


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  1. darbus says:

    Thankfully, to my recollection, I’ve never actually had to call AOL to cancel accounts that I’ve had with them. Instead, I used their ‘fax’ option. It’s really simple. Write a letter stating that you want to cancel your account, and maybe the reason why, and then fax it off to a number which they provide on their website. This was several years ago, so I don’t actually know if it’s still possible, but if it is, it’s a better alternative to being on the phone for half an hour with a representative not willing to let a customer go.

    I have had to call and cancel other ISP’s, though, and it can be a headache, universally. What I mean, is that it’s difficult to cancel accounts with anybody just because of the desire to retain customers.

    I love this clip, though. It really says a lot.

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