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driving the toyota prius

Despite my best efforts, I cannot locate a Honda Insight within a several hundred mile radius. This is contrary to the emails that I had with my local Honda dealer who told me they not only had one Insight in stock for me to test drive, but they also had TWO (a CVT and a manual transmission). When I arrived they had none, had had none for at least six months, and would not get any more for at least another six months. So much for honest car salesmen.

Today I’ll get to test drive the 2004 Toyota Prius. Although more similar to the Honda Civic Hybrid than the Honda Insight, it boasts higher technology and a more futuristic (and aerodynamic) look than the Civic.

Update: After having met with Dave LaCourse at the local Toyota dealer today, all I can say about this car is “WOW!” First, it just looks cool, high-tech, aerodynamic (it’s got something like a .26 coeficient of drag).

I was suprised to find they’d left the car unlocked… oh wait, they hadn’t… As we’d approached the car, the key fob and the car did some “talking” and they decided to unlock the car, disable the security system, and re-enable access to the engine (it has an engine disabler that’s automatically engaged each time the car is locked).

The inside is HUGE! You can seat two adults in the back comfortably, and three without much complaint. The driver and passenger spaces are enormous… lots of room, without being “lost in the car.”

Starting the car is a trip! Remember the “key fob?” Well, that’s not entirely true, there’s no “key” just a “fob.” Sit down, press the Power Button, it’s on, and nearly silent.

Acceleration? In town it’s a bit better than I’m accustomed… but nearly silent. On the freeway, hold on to your… well, just hold on! I was up past 85 before I knew it… all the while averaging an MPG in the high 50’s!

Add bluetooth and a built-in GPS/DVD navigation system and you’ve got my new dream car.

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