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Play a fun little game and get 10% your cell phone accessories

The following is a sponsored review
Take one part viral ad campaign and one part police sketch artist and you’ve got yourself one fun little game with a different spin!

“Dusty” is a 1985 Motorola brick phone, you know the one, it’s huge, it’s beastly, it barely qualifies as a “hand-held phone” but it’s the phone that got the ball rolling and introduces us to the cell phone craze that we live in today.

In this flash game Dusty needs a serious makeover. You start out by giving him hair, eyes, a mouth, and dressing him up in trendy clothes. You can even accessorize him to fit your favorite celebrity – Britney Spears, Emeril Legasse, or just dress him up any way you like.

As with any viral marketing campaign this one then lets you save your creation and have your friends vote for your Dusty makeover.

Going through the motions not only lets you while away some time by giving Dusty a well-needed makeover (and according to the site “saving him from embarrassment”), they’ll give you a 10% off coupon code for cell phone accessories – so you can pimp out your mobile phone.

Now, if you’re anything like me you’re not much into unnecessary “bling” for your phone, but haredcore accessories? Well, we all need those! I’m talking about batteries, Bluetooh headsets, stuff for your your phone (Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Nokia Accessories, etc.).

These guys feature tons of cell phone accessories, including antennas, batteries, Bluetooth stuff, cases, chargers and headsets. And yes, they even have PDA stuff (including cases), what’s cooler is their blog when you can get up-to-date information for the wireless industry.

They also have a good Bluetooth Reference Guide that will answer most of your Bluetooth questions and get you started into the wonderful world without wires!

Getting 10% off stuff that you need for your mobile lifestyle just for goofing around with a pretty fun little game? I’m down with that!

Visit: to play!


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