The Death of Internet Radio?


The RIAA has convinced the Copyright Royalty Board to release a ridiculous fee structure that will kill online radio. Pandora (to name my favorite) and others like it will have to shut down.

The time to write your Federal Legislators is NOW!

3 thoughts on “The Death of Internet Radio?

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  2. Senator Hatch (R, UT) and Representative Bishop (R, UT) have both responded to letters of inquiry that I sent them regarding the CRB’s new rates.

    Neither offered any solutions to solve the problem (as is typical with constituent correspondence in my experience), but Rep. Bishop did go on record as saying the current system is “elitist” and he is “concerned with the current system.”

    Unfortunately, other than stating that the appeal of the CRB’s “decision is to the United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia” Rep. Bishop had no suggestions or commitments for addressing the problem.

    Sen. Hatch did, however indicated that “judges of the CRB have announced that they have agreed to hear certain arguments from groups seeking a rehearing on proposed royalty rate increases” and that he could “keep this important issue in mind as [he] discuss[es] this issue with [his] colleagues.”

    Read their letters (.pdf) here: [ Hatch | Bishop ]

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