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Do yourself a favor, get your big-screen TV professionally installed

Doing The 1080p

The following is a sponsored review
I’ve had a 36” regular old CRT TV for several years. It was a pretty good one, a Sony® Trinatron&trade, flat in one dimension, standard definition. It served us well – until the tube died. So we headed over to a local home furnishings store and picked out a nice, Toshiba, HD 1080i, 52” DLP TV. I was amazed by its clarity, its light-weight, and its “widescreenedness.”

Where did I go wrong?
Well, first off, I installed it myself. It’s just a TV, how hard could it be? HDMI, Component Video, and Antenna Coax inputs, combined with optical audio out, well, let’s just say I had to learn a lot, fast. The next mistake I made was using my existing TV stand for the new TV.

The surface of the screen is made of a plastic material, rather than glass. That’s both good and bad. Good because finger-prints and other “gooey substances” wipe clean easily; bad because it’s softer than glass, and easier to scratch. One stray toddler with a sharp object can effectively scratch up your brand-new TV in a matter of seconds. Which is exactly what my two-year-old did to mine.

If I had things to do over again I would have opted to go with a professional installer. No, not the teenagers that the store I purchased it from call “professionals,” the actual professionals. You know the type, the ones that do installs all day, every day.

Well, first off I’d have had the TV wall-mounted. Granted that’s not your typical installation for a DLP TV, but I’d have seen what they could do for me. In the case of a big-screen Plasma or LCD, do yourself a favor, call the professionals. As heartbroken as I was about having a screen scratched up, I can only imagine a 1080p Plasma big-screen yanking the mounting bracket off the wall and your new TV crashing to the floor.

Secondly, let’s face it, even we geeks sometimes have a hard time understanding new technologies, let alone getting them to tie into our existing equipment. Even making sure I had the right cables was difficult since there as so many unknowns.

So, learn from my experience, get a professional TV installation for commercial or residential TVs. I’d recommend HD Installers: Nationwide LCD and Plasma Television Installers. They have locations in Utah (Salt Lake City, West Valley, and Provo/Orem), and others nation-wide.


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