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Willing to Die, Not Able to Vote?

Patriotic American,

I hope that yesterday was a Happy Veterans’ Day for you and yours!

Having served in the Marine Corp. I totally understand all that our heroes go through, whether it is in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in South Korea, or stateside. They are wherever they are “IN YOUR PLACE” to uphold the fundamental beliefs of our Forefathers and the U. S. Constitution, serving and protecting.

Some have literally given their all!

To me, every day is Veterans’ Day. Whenever I see a man in uniform, I reflect and respect him for their courage, even to go to the frontlines of battle.

I hope that if you didn’t yesterday, that today, you will take a moment to reflect on and honor the memory of the men and women in our Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives so that you and I can live in freedom.

And, anytime you happen to see a veteran, or an active duty member of our military, let them know how you feel about their service and dedication.

Truly, we are a grateful nation for these men of valor.

It is because they have sacrificed so much, I feel extremely heavy at heart — and, quite frankly, ANGRY at what has happened in our voting procedures.

MANY of our distinguished men in uniform overseas did NOT vote last week!

I know you are asking: “How can that be? They have sacrificed so much. Certainly, they voted?”

After research and investigation, I have learned the truth in this disturbing situation.

Problems in many states prevented overseas military from voting. This issue is not an isolated case—it is widespread!

Will you join me to DEMAND a Congressional Investigation into what went wrong?

Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada and Wisconsin – some of the fiercest battleground states of the November 2nd election – are among 14 states and territories singled out by the U. S. Justice department for not complying with the federal law that says absentee ballots must be sent in time for overseas soldiers, sailors and airmen to have their votes counted.

THINK of what the difference our military would have made in the outcome of this historic election!

Here is the heart-breaker: Our own Department of Justice is doing hardly ANYTHING to bring these severe violations under control; even before the next election. That’s why we need a Congressional investigation. And to make matters worse, certainly not too much will be done during this Lame Duck session. The people’s voice—YOURS—must be heard! Every single vote must count. Believe me; the tens of thousands of military votes that were NOT counted would have made a distinct difference in some races.

The tea party victory could have been an even larger mandate.

It just really upsets me that those who are risking their lives for us are being denied their right to vote.

But in doing the research, I find that most of the states where there were problems with getting the ballots overseas were from LIBERAL states. My educated hunch is that the majority of military votes would have been for conservatives. I guess that is why the DOJ is not “pulling out the stops” like they should to rid this problem.

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) requires states to mail absentee ballots to overseas troops, government employees and other Americans living abroad, at least 45 days prior to an election. This is federal law!

Just in Illinois alone, 36 counties did NOT manage to make that deadline, which is a total outrage.

Even more alarming is the fact that the Department of Justice has DECLINED to pursue any punitive action against the state or the counties in question. In one way, it really doesn’t surprise me — look at the Chicago-style, back room, arm-twisting politics that the Obama administration let happen during OBAMACARE, for instance!

The DOJ’s unwillingness to even slap anyone’s wrist sends exactly the wrong message to the electorate and to other units of government who might also be tempted to disobey the law. But the real hurt are those men and women who are genuine “heroes” in every sense of the word — putting their lives on the line — yet, not even having the opportunity to vote!

Will you see that our U.S. Congress gets a real “handle” on this exasperating situation? Please FAX every Member of Congress to get to the bottom of this disaster. And, help STAND AMERICA-PAC financially — as we make sure our troops are taken care of in the next election!

Please FAX EVERY Member of the House of representatives and the United States Senate to DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION into all the allegations of voter fraud and voter neglect, as far as our military men overseas.

Don’t let the mistakes of this election ever happen again.

This is much more serious than a mere oversight or missing a deadline or two — this is outright VOTER FRAUD. And we’ve got to get to the very bottom of this tragedy.

Illinois State Rep. Dan Brady, R-Bloomington, said: “There is clearly something wrong when one-third of local election offices miss a federal deadline to ensure soldiers and sailors have their votes counted.”

I echo his frustration as he went on to say, “At least let’s have some kind of inquiry and let’s review, find out what happened for sure, and then take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

I concur.

But, as a national speaker at many Tea Party rallies, I wonder if there is a much more “sinister” part of these military voter delays.

A Congressional investigation is needed; and needed NOW!

Maybe Congress can “resurrect” the Department of Justice to properly do their job to investigate voter delays and voter fraud?

Please give the largest gift that you possibly can to STAND AMERICA-PAC as we EXPOSE this travesty.

For God and Country,

E. W. Jackson, Sr., Chairman

P. S. Please fax every Congressman. They must take a STAND on this fundamental issue right now! Please help us to MOBILIZE Congressmen to take appropriate action IMMEDIATELY!


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