24: Day 6 Trailer


Jack was last seen, bound and tortured, on a ship headed for China. His life is now the tipping point for U.S. International Relations.

What happens now?

Interesting Items of Note

From the trailer I was able to gleen the following snips:

  • 0:18 – The late President Palmer’s brother is now the president
  • 0:24 – We must have pulled out of IRAQ, because the car bombers have come to us
  • 0:45 – Jack’s been gone a long time (probably 5 years), he’s got a VERY full beard
  • 1:07 – Biblical references: “Once again, the streets are flowing with blood”
  • 1:28 – “There are people in this administration who are willing to tear up the Constitution”
  • 1:34 – Chloe is back

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