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Does Obama need Congressional approval for military action in Libya?

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When asked about Obama’s position that he doesn’t need Congressional approval for military action in Libya because “there are no boots on the ground” there, Representative Dennis Kucinich replied: “This isn’t about footwear. This is about the Constitution of the United States.” opposed Obama’s illegal war in Libya before it began.

So we’re pleased about the bi-partisan suit filed against Obama’s Libya policy in federal court by Dennis Kucinich and nine other House members.

We’re not optimistic though. Courts often say that members of Congress lack standing to sue in cases of war.

But Kucinich also says he will try to amend the upcoming defense spending bill to eliminate funding for Obama’s Libya war.

This would give Congress leverage. If Congress makes ending the Libya war a condition for passing the Defense spending bill, the President will have to submit.

Both chambers are expected to consider the Defense bill this week. Please tell them to use this bill to end the War on Libya.

The hard-wired message says, “Please end the President’s intervention in Libya’s civil war.”

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

You should amend the Defense spending bill to withhold funds from this war. This will give Congress leverage, and will force the President to end the war.

President Obama has claimed this war is not a war. He even claims it doesn’t rise to the level of “hostilities” as envisioned by the War Powers Act.

This is laughable. Does the President think that Pearl Harbor wasn’t an act of war because no Japanese boots ever stepped on U.S. soil during that attack? By the President’s reasoning Pearl Harbor didn’t even rise to the level of “hostility.”

If the President’s policy in Libya is not a war . . .

Equally insulting is the Administration’s claim that because the U.S. involvement is now only part of a NATO effort, we’re not really fighting a war. But doesn’t it really mean that EVERY participating NATO country is at war with Libya, including the U.S.?

The Obama Administration also seems to think that we aren’t really at war if the country we are attacking is too weak to strike back.

Make no mistake. This IS a war. It’s an illegal war under both the Constitution and the War Powers Act. It’s also an unprovoked war. It’s an intervention in an overseas country’s civil war in which we do not know much about our rebel “allies.” And it’s a war of uncertain duration and outcome, which was never in our security interest.

We can’t afford it. We CAN afford to get out. We will be stronger and safer if we do.

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