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Webisode #1: Securing the Package

Super Dell KidnappedThe “Superdell Abducted” ad campaign was backed up with a series of webisodes that you could get to by going to the web address that this site now uses. This is the first of those webisodes that features the “kidnappers” dragging Dell Shanze down the stairs of the SLC location of Totally Awesome Computers, then throwing him into the back of a waiting van.

As the kidnappers drive away, celebrating in their triumph, Dell falls out of the back of the van, stands up, gets hit by a car, and loaded back into the van. The kidnappers then arrive at a “secret location” and load Mr. Schanze into an elevator, still wearing their ski masks, when two little old ladies also get in the elevator. What happens next? You’ll have to wait for the next webisode.


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