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If cutting expenses isn't the answer, what is?

Open Letter to Melinda Gibson, Healthcare for America Now:

Melinda, I am receipt of your recent email asking us to contact our legislators and ask they they oppose the proposed budget cuts (which, by the way, don’t go nearly far enough to save us from runaway spending).

When I find that my expenses outweigh my income I have three options:

  1. cut expenses,
  2. increase income, or
  3. default on my obligations.

Increasing income for the country means raising taxes — whether directly taxing the poor and middle classes, or indirectly taxing the same groups by increasing the cost of everything (by raising taxes on businesses and “the rich” which they pass along to the poor and middle classes through increased costs).

Cutting expenses is what many in Congress are trying to do.

If we don’t do one or the other, defaulting is the only remaining option — which would decimate EVERYTHING, not just health-related programs.

I could be missing something, so please, tell me how you suggest we fix the budget problem while keeping rediculously expensive entitlement programs.


Joe Levi, Concerned Citizen


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